Espresso Machine

What You’ll Need 

  • Freshly roasted beanbundle espresso beans
  • Espresso machine 
  • Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Tamper 
  • Distributer (optional) 
  • Timer


Step 1: Preparing Your Espresso Machine
Pour filtered water into your espresso machine’s reservoir. Remove the portafilter from the grouphead. 
Run hot water through the grouphead with hot water. Have your cup below to catch the hot water, this will help preheat your cup. Discard the rinse water. 


Step 2: Grinding and Measuring  

Espresso machine calls for a fine grind, something slightly less fine than powdered sugar. You can grind your beans with a blade grinder but we recommend a burr grinder. Burr grinders produce more evenly sized grains of coffee and a controlled grind size.  

We recommend a 1:2 coffee-to-water ratio, but as always adjust to your taste. You will need 18g of coffee and 36g of hot water. 


Step 3: The Brew 

  1. Pour grounds into the portafilter. If you want to use a distributer to help to spread out the grounds and gives you an even extraction go ahead and screw that over your portafilter. Alternatively, you can spread out the grounds by drawing a finger across a few times.
    2. Tamp down your grounds. You do not need to push too hard for this step, the key is apply consistent pressure. You’re aiming to apply 20-30 pounds of pressure with your tamper. When you’re done, give it a spin to give your grounds a smooth finish for even extraction.
    3. Position your portafilter in the grouphead. Have your preheated cup ready to receive your brew.  

Step 4: The Final Product 

Troubleshooting: The total brew time should be between 25-30 seconds. If the pull is coming out too slow, coarsen your grind. If the pull is coming out too fast, make your grinds finer.  


Enjoy your creation!