Coffee Maker

What You’ll Need 

  • Freshly roasted beanbundle coffeebeans
  • Coffee maker 
  • Paper filters  
  • Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Filtered water 


Step 1: Preparing Your Coffee Maker 
Pour 500g filtered water into your coffee maker’s reservoir.  Place the paper filter to the brew basket. Rinse with hot water by running a brew cycle to wet the paper filter and to preheat the pot. Discard the rinse water. 


Step 2: Grinding and Measuring 

Drip coffee makers calls for a medium grind, slightly coarser than table salt. The typical size pre-ground coffee would come in.  

We recommend a 1:16.5 coffee-to-water ratio, but as always adjust to your taste. You will need 30g of coffee and 500g of water, or 2 cups. 


Step 3: The Brew 

  1. Pour 30g of coffee grounds to the brew basket. Level the grounds by giving it a gentle shake. Close the compartment.
    2. Press the brew button to begin brew cycle.  
    3. Once you notice no more coffee is dripping through the basket, turn the machine off and serve.  


Step 4: The Final Product 

Enjoy your creation!