A group of Montreal roasters, brewers and vagabonds have taken french Canada’s specialty coffee scene by storm.

Traffic, a recent insurgent into the coffee world, prides itself in sourcing unparalleled coffee from clandestine farmers and some of the world’s top producers.

The roaster searches out the best coffees “from the most exclusive micro-lots to the most unique palettes of taste that can be discovered,” and looks for beans grown using practices of biodiversity and respect for nature. 

“At Traffic, we cherish the soil which gives life to our coffee, the farmers who look after it daily and the craftsmen who roast it perfectly.”

To optimize freshness, Traffic roasts their beans several times a week at the Canadian Roasting Society, a community roasting space on the southwest of the island of Montreal. 

They like to work with producers as much as possible while establishing long-term relationships with farms or wash stations that, in turn, give them access to the best beans to bring to customers.