Propeller Coffee Co.

If your morning cup takes you to Cloud Nine, it’s because this roaster has found a method for perfection.  

Propeller Coffee Co. pays painstaking attention to detail in their farm-to-cup process. 

Their refined operations mean ruling out over 80 per cent of the world’s coffees to search for the highest quality specialty beans, purchased from the most experienced farmers.

Coffees that are cleared for sampling are tested using the Specialty Coffee Association of America cupping protocols for quality and flavours. Only once the coffee meets Propeller’s criteria — free of defects, and proper acidity, balance and sweetness — will they consider purchasing it. 

Then, using a piece of roasting software called Cropster, Propeller records each batch of coffee roasted on their Loring SmartRoaster. This develops a roast profile for each coffee, creating a type of recipe book.

When Propeller procures new beans, they search for a recipe that’s been used on a similar bean, considering factors like the coffee’s moisture content and density, bean varietal, and growing conditions and elevation. 

“We roast with the end goal of unlocking all of each coffee's full potential,” Propeller says of their meticulous process.