Pirates of Coffee

Modern-day marauders Pirates of Coffee will bless your taste buds with some of the most unique brews in the business. 

Based in Toronto, the Pirates’ journey around the seven seas has given them access to fan favourites like Cherry Cola from Ethiopia and the Jaffa Cake from Costa Rica, with notes of sweet dark chocolate and a citrus kick. 

The best part? These pillagers are on a voyage to ensure coffee farmers are paid fairly for their product.

Their weapon of choice is fair trade, meaning coffee is purchased straight from farmers putting money more in their hands — combating a long-standing trend of underpaying producers. 

“As part of The Crew, you will set sail on a voyage to make a positive impact on the lives of coffee farmers,” they promise. 

Begin by arming yourself with their Transparent Origin coffee, which are single origin coffees that show the price paid to producers on each bag.