After serving the specialty coffee industry in various roles in different cities, Monogram was formed by a hodgepodge group of coffee lovers, who share the belief that exceptional coffee should inspire wonder and warmth.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, the Monogram Family includes photographers, foodies, hikers, musicians, science geeks and “everything in between.” 

“What brought us all together was a passion for taking care of our community and the diverse people that are a part of it.”

They say coffee presents an opportunity to change people’s lives through connection and servitude. 

And, this outlook begins on the farms Monogram procures their beans from, where they work to build connections, assist with community development projects and work to address challenges in the production industry. It also means paying the highest possible prices for their beans, to cover the cost of production and reward producer’s efforts. 

Monogram’s coffees are not only incredibly sweet, clean and balanced, but have intensity of flavour that tells the story behind them.