Happy Goat Coffee

A trip to our snow-covered capital isn’t complete without a cup from this legendary roaster.

Happy Goat Coffee is a household name in the Ottawa coffee scene, serving the country’s top political minds and legislators alike.

They attribute their success to one Dr. Hans Langenbahn, who, they say, has been fascinated with the world of coffee throughout his life “with a dedication going beyond the average coffee junkie.”

To Dr. Langenbahn, coffee is both an art and a science. 

“Simply put, Hans is an alchemist who can turn simple beans into coffee gold.”

They procure beans by travelling to a country of origin, meeting directly with the farmers, and negotiating a fair price. 

So, the next time you need to warm your hands after a  demonstration on Parliament Hill, head to the Goat.

It shouldn’t be hard to find. Happy Goat services over 100 local businesses throughout the Ottawa region.