Ethica Coffee Roasters

Start your morning with a brew from Ethica, but stay for a period of thoughtful reflection  — and maybe a short philosophy lesson.

These Toronto craftsmen are driven by honesty, deriving inspiration from mid-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza’s masterpiece, ethics.

Spinoza determined that desire is the engine of human movement. The free human, then, is someone who understands their own compulsions and uses this to determine their behaviour.

He believed those who’ve achieved understanding want nothing except what is necessary, and won’t be absolutely satisfied with anything except what is true.

Ethica has propelled this lesson into their everyday life, and into every bean, looking for honesty in coffee procurement, direct trade, cultivation, roasting and brewing. They only work with carefully selected, high-quality raw materials and first-class processing equipment to support their premium coffee standards.

Their mission? To develop in motion and constantly improve.

We believe that there is no limit to what we can accomplish, as we always aim to strengthen and broaden our expertise. Ultimately, our commitment to our passion for a life enriched by coffee will set the foundation for our success.”