Back Road Coffee

Rediscover yourself with each sip of Black Road brews. 

A combination of beans and bike gear, this all-Canadian brand was started by best friends and brother-in-laws Michel and Alex who were inspired by their love of riding and meeting at coffee shops.

Their signature brews — from Base Camp to Vagabond Ways – come with a challenge to take the back roads. Go the longer way “without cutting corners in order to experience the best life has to offer and not miss any moments along the journey.”

“We apply this same philosophy to everything we do,” they say. “We take the longer way, the time to ensure that quality is preserved, the time to do it ourselves.”

Back Road is also a family endeavour seeking to do as much as possible in-house, from the art on its apparel to leather accessories to coffee roasting.

They love sharing their passions and invite you to find  your representation of freedom, saying the day you start doing things your way “is the day you truly live free.”