49th Parallel

It might taste like magic, but this West Coast roaster leaves nothing to chance. 

Located in Vancouver B.C., 49th Parallel employs a tried-and true scientific method to showcase each coffee’s unique characteristics. 

The process begins with an in-house buyer, who travels across land and time to evaluate and select coffees. After choosing some green beans, sourced directly, they select one of five different roasters — each of various sizes and engineering — to best accentuate the beans’ flavours during the roasting process. 

49th Parallel says that like grapes, there are thousands of coffee varieties growing around the world. They’re on a mission to present those coffees in their best forms.  

“No two coffees are the same and the potential for flavour complexity is immense.” 

The tasting experience is also down to a science, built around the knowledge of who grew the coffee, what variety, where on the farm, when it was harvested; and how it got here.

They rely on seasonal harvests, meaning each lot is limited, and the menu changes throughout the year.  It also means your cup of morning joe is as fresh as possible.